At Shynxl we pride ourself with the global financial market evolution ,as a duly registered multi-level and brokerage firm across 5 countries .We leverage on forex and crypto-currency market volatility by deploying the best – crypto/ forex traders across the globe. This no doubt has added positive volume to our clients and investors portfolio. Shynxl has put in place measures for risks management across our trading accounts , this is a strategy towards controlling our risk to reward ratio to ensure a win-win transaction process across all boards.


Why crypto currency?

As global business corporation one thing that we know is constant in life is evolution (change). Shynxl has discovered that the crypto currency market has come to change the narratives of financial transactions through the use of blockchain technology that creates transparency across all ledger transactions. Financial institutions and investors have started taking advantage of the digital asset’s exponential growth in resent times. Since introduction of Bitcoin in 2010 as the first digital assets the value has grown over 20,000 percentage of all time. Thus, by shynxl it’s a viable investment opportunity for clients and investors to keep their portfolio on a steady profit return.


Why we choose The Forex Market?

The Foreign exchange Market is a global decentralized over the counter (OTC) Market for trading of currencies. Shynxl has come to discover that trading in forex market averages $6.6 trillion per day as the most liquid financial market in the world .Amongst other traders like central banks, commercial banks and institutional investors, we are positioned in the industry to take advantages of the liquidity on the industry to ensure profitability for all our global investors ShynXL is currently trading with 3 different brokers in the UK and all the brokers are licensed by FCA.


What is Forex and Crypto trading?

Crypto trading, just like forex, involves trading currencies. Forex involves middlemen, brokers and various other institutions that usually collect fees at almost every step of the trading process. However, in crypto trading, there's no middleman and that's probably the biggest draws to it.

Why with ShynXL for forex and crypto trading?

ShynXL is currently trading with 3 different brokers in the UK. All brokers are licensed by FCA. For a prominent profit, ShynXL offers the best for every clients. As the whole process is legal and certified, the chances for getting profits are also high which is why you should choose ShynXL for your Forex and Crypto Trading.